The Start of an Age

Deafening cheers,
Exploding champagne,
Not just another year,
Another decade.
Welcome to the Twenties,
Roaring like thunder,
Bright as lightning,
Sparkling with wonder.

Last decade I grew,
Consumed by the inferno,
But in the heat of the fire,
The dross burned away,
I emerged from the pyre,
No longer a childish waif,
But as silver, brand new.
I’ve been through the furnace
Preparing for you.

I can see it now,
Casting off the clouds,
Emerging from the rain,
Let my heart pound
For a love that never fades,
Ten years of never,
A decade of forever,
Left the past in my rearview,
This is my decade.

From a wide-eyed girl
I’ve come so far,
Dreaming of a world
Where I’d meet you.
So dim those lights,
And pour that wine,
With every stumble,
And every struggle,
I’ve come a step closer
To finding you.

I can see it now,
Dress light as a cloud,
Laughing in the rain,
Church bells resound,
Laughter that will never fade,
Rice falls like snow,
Time slows down,
I can feel it now,
This is my decade.

A new decade,
New chance,
New slate,
Sideways glance,
New love,
New strength,
New feelings
Stirring inside.
From girl to woman,
Leave the past behind,
This is our time.

In this moment,
Feeling cocky,
I’m resolving
To dream recklessly, 
Fly endlessly,
Laugh earnestly,
And love fearlessly.

Looking back now,
I cast off the clouds,
And I cherish the rain,
Thunder made my heart pound,
I found myself in the hurricane,
And I love who I became,
And those who I’ve let go.
It wasn’t so long ago
The world wasn’t so kind,
But now, at last,
I’m leaving that past behind.

I can see it now,
Heart light as a cloud,
Dancing in the rain,
Let the thunder resound,
Laughing through the pain,
Let new loves grow,
And let the past go,
Smiling, future dancing in my mind,
I can just see it now,
This is my decade.

This song/poem is about my daydreaming about what the Twenties are going to hold for me. The last decade led me through not only the highest highs that I’ve ever soared (literally), but also the lowest lows. This past decade was wild, infuriating, intoxicating, and absolutely wonderful, but finally, I can see where I’m supposed to go, and I’ve never felt such anticipatory bliss. 


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