Painting the Past

So I’ve been working on my Gold Award project for Girl Scouts (stop, I can hear you snickering!) and I must say that it is coming along splendidly. Best part is that my church (who I am doing the project for) is funding the entire thing, which makes that really easy on my wallet.

What exactly is my project, you might ask. Well, basically I am taking a hallway in the children’s section of my church, and I’m painting a series of murals on it that picture various important scenes from the Bible, like Noah’s Ark and David and Goliath. It’s going to be a timeline of sorts, and I’ve already got one and a half done. Here’s a picture of the first one:


Pretty amazing, right? It took about five hours to paint that. I’ve got about 10-15 more to do. I’m not doing every important Biblical event. I mean, come ON, I do have a life here! But this is the style each of the murals are going to be in, and each will be approx. five feet wide or tall, depending on the scene. If anyone (that I actually know) wants to come help, feel free to message me and set up a date!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. The next one I’ve been working on isn’t complete yet, but it’s going to be the Tower of Babel. It’s a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

On a somewhat unrelated tangent, people tell me that I look like a painter even when I don’t have paint smudges covering my hands, face, and arms. Strange. But they say that I have that “look”. I hope that that “look” is good, or else I might have a problem.


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