Yogurt (again)

So, for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (i.e., about two months), then you’ll easily recall my post titled Why Yogurt is the Best, and how deeply I elaborated on my deep and profound appreciation of yogurt. Well, no longer.
It’s not that I no longer love yogurt: it’s that I’ve been going through a yogurt deprivation due to the fact that my mom has been buying GREEK yogurt.

It’s not the same.

There is this positively delicious brand of yogurt by (I think) Dannon that’s called Pure, and basically they use all-natural ingredients to create the epitome of perfect yogurt. Greek yogurt can be chunky, gunky, or look all watery and gross. Plus, it has an aftertaste. Not cool.

Why oh why don’t all brands of yogurt just create yogurt following the age-old (actually, not all that old) tradition that Pure established so that one very yogurt-addicted teenager won’t have to go to a specific store to get the yogurt of her dreams? I truly miss my yogurt. I’ve been on yogurt withdrawal and so eating other things to compensate. Fatty things like brownies (yum) and cookies (yummyy) and the french fries at my school (YUMMYYY). I miss my healthy, deliciously simple yogurt.

Mom, if you’re reading this, you know what to do.


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