I’m a Fatty

So I know I’ve been ragging on my beloved reader base for being such fatties and only reading my blog if I tag the world “food” in it (it does work, by the way), and now I am the fatty.

I suppose everyone is this time of year, though. I feel so incredibly fat-ish. I feel like getting up and doing a ton of exercise to get rid of the extra body weight that I gained today. In addition to four slices of (delicious) honey-baked ham, two fist-sized portions of homemade mac-and-cheese, a biscuit and a huge hushpuppy (in addition to much more), I had three (count ’em, THREE) large slices of apple-pumpkin-brown sugar-pecan cake, and it was delicious.

Worst part? Tomorrow (after my Black Friday shopping, of course), I am having another Thanksgiving dinner with the other side of the family, where all the aforementioned items (minus, sadly, the cake) will be present IN ADDITION TO the most amazing, best, delicious sweet potato casserole in the history of sweet potato casseroles. Aunt Julie, if you are reading this, please be sure to make a lot, because I’m coming with my fork poised and tummy ready. (In case you didn’t guess, Aunt Julie is the creator of the decadent dessert)

I find it a bit ironic that on the day that we are supposed to be thankful, we stuff our faces with our favorite foods and then practically kill each other the day after to buy more junk that we don’t need (don’t take me wrong, I’m still going shopping, I just have no plans to murder anyone in my scramble to get my christmas list knocked out). I mean, sure, some people just say that we are thankful that we can and have the opportunity to stuff our faces and get great deals on stuff, but still.

It’s not like I’m doing anything about it, though, which makes me kind of sad. Here I am, eating my apple-pumpkin-brown sugar-pecan cake and sweet potato casserole with unmentionable enthusiasm while people are outside my door (not literally, of course) begging for a mere scrap of those voluptuous dinners. It’s almost enough to put one off of one’s food. Almost.

So the basic point of this post is to apologize (insincerely) to my general public for the calling them of fatties, and that today we are all communal fatties together. Also, get out and get some turkey to some people who need it, don’t be pigs! (and I won’t apologize for that 😉 )


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