Getting Business Know-How

So I have finally made it into the realm of entrepreneurs. I have successfully developed my photography skills into such quality and beautiful artistic work that I have been requested to do photography for a variety of people.

I’m actually pretty happy about this. See, last year I had done a year-long photography internship with the lady who owns a photography business called 1Impression2Remember, photographing business parties, senior portraits, and even a wedding! She taught me the business behind the business, like taking inventory (not fun AT ALL). I think she enjoyed the free labor a bit too much.

But now all that hard work has finally paid off! Not only did I photograph and document a mother-daughter tea party for American Heritage Girls (on my OWN, might I add), but now I have been requested to do senior portraits for my friend (yes, I am hired by my friend but hey, it says something that she asked me to do it!)

So tomorrow I get to go to her house and spend the day photographing her beautiful face to perfection. (BTW, if any of you live in North Carolina in the Raleigh/Durham area, please tell me if you want me to do some photography for you 🙂 ) I’m quite excited because I’ll be able to put this on my resume.

Does anybody know if this will count as a “small business”?


PS – if any of you are confused as to why you arrived here when you clicked on the tag “food”, I always tag it in my posts now because it draws in more readers 🙂 Enjoy!


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