Bring in the TV and Popcorn.

So, I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to (yet another) TV show; the lovely, suspenseful, crazy, heartbreaking, action-packed show named Supernatural. I’ll bet you can’t guess what it’s about.

Before I launch into a discussion about the awesomeness of this show, I feel it is incumbent upon me to state that I have decided to be a TV review blog for a day. So this post is not only about Supernatural, but also about my favorite and n0t-so-favorite other shows. I figure it’s good to experiment with other topics.

So, back to my topic: Supernatural is the coolest show ever. It details the story of two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, boys who were raised in “The Life” of hunting all things that creep and hunt in the shadows. From vampires to shapeshifters, this show goes through all monsters of all nations and religions. But the Winchesters weren’t always Hunters.

When Sam, the younger brother, was exactly six months old, his mother was brutally murdered right over his crib by a yellow-eyed demon named Azazel. Their father, blinded by a need for revenge, learned everything he could about such monsters so that he could eventually hunt and kill the demon that had killed his love. And thus Sam and Dean joined their father in The Life, learning to fight like martial arts masters, able to field strip a gun at the age of ten, and hunting officially by the time they were about fifteen or younger.

I absolutely love this show. I love this show. I cannot say it enough. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It has (practically) all the characteristics of a show that makes it perfect, in my opinion.

The guy on the left is Sam. The cutie on the right is Dean ❤

The next show I’d like to talk about is the amazing, incredible, unbelievable Doctor Who. Now Doctor Who is much more complicated, and yet much simpler than Supernatural. It’s a complicated show that can take hours to explain. But, of course, I won’t be taking that long. Needless to say, sometimes explaining it is….well, it’s not sufficient to garner interest. It’s much better if you watch it yourself and form an opinion. I’m merely here to give my classic fan-girl schpiel and leave the choice up to you. It’s not as stupid as it sounds. Trust me.

So, there’s this alien, named a Time Lord, from this planet called Gallifrey. He owns this spaceship named the TARDIS (that’s Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) that has this sort of “chameleon” defense mechanism; it was able to change its outside to blend in with its’ surroundings. However, the “chameleon circuit” that enabled this feature broke and froze on a blue police phone box, giving Doctor Who that iconic image.

Now, this particular Time Lord, named The Doctor, is the focus of the show. The creators of the show back in the fifties created the perfect method by which they would be able to replace actors while keeping the show going for an indefinite period; whenever The Doctor has been fatally injured and is dying, he can “regenerate”; his memories remain the same, but his outward appearance morphs into someone else, and his personality alters with it. Thus, each Doctor is different but the same. The Doctor Who fandom (affectionately called Whovians, of whom I am a part) can be heard to refer to each Doctor by the order of his regeneration: the very first Doctor to play The Doctor in the series is (obviously) called the First Doctor. The most recent version of the Doctor is known as the Eleventh Doctor. My personal favorite is the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

But anyways, basically the story follows the Doctor as he travels through both time and space in the TARDIS, where he inevitably runs into monsters that are killing or terrorizing people, and he saves the day. One of the best parts of the show, however, are the Companions.

You see, the Doctor is lonely. He is sometimes referred to as the “lonely god” because he has such power but is so lonely, traveling through the cold vastness of space unaccompanied. He hates being alone. So he chooses companions, whom he often meets during one of his escapades in saving the Earth. Some of the most well-beloved Companions are Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble, among others. The most recent Companion is Clara Oswald. These Companions help keep the Doctor “human”; otherwise, he becomes detached from humanity and fails to take things into consideration in a humane way, merely dealing justice where he sees it.

On the left is Ten, whom I love, and on the right is Rose Tyler.

The Companions are what make or break that season of Doctor Who; the story is about the Doctor, but it also revolves (however temporarily) around the companion. Rose Tyler fell in love with the Doctor, and he with her, but a tragedy forced them apart, killing her in one world (you’ll find out more about this if you watch the show. Saddest moment of my life, though). Amy Pond….had a very complicated relationship with the Doctor. Each companion has a story, and each has a heartbreaking ending.

The latest episode of DW, however, have really been disappointing to me. I just don’t…connect to this new Doctor like I did with Ten (we refer to the Doctors by their numbers, by the way). Eleven is just too…spontaneous, too nonsensical. It makes it hard to get into the show. I suggest that, if you try out the show, start with season one of the new season (the show began in the 50s-ish, but then stopped for about ten years until 2005, when they did a continuation of it.)

Well, I figure that’s enough TV-Talk for one night. If you want me to talk about my other shows, feel free to buzz in and tell me!

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