To Cut or Not to Cut – That is the Question

So I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what to do with my hair. See, I’m going for a new look, but I don’t know what “look” I want to go for. I’m thinking about going with Taylor Swift-esque layered bangs, like so:

Gosh I love her hair.

But that’s where I’m torn. I want to be able to work with my hair to give it different looks with the same cut; you know, like if I want a country look, I can easily curl it or whatever so that it won’t look too “hipster” or “city-girl”, but I also want to be able to do those looks too if I so wished. Oh, what to do…

Another look that I really love is that worn by Supernatural’s character, Ruby, in her first body (I know that sounds weird, but if you watch the show, you’d understand.)

Short, but not too short or too long, with bangs that aren’t short or long. I like both looks. I’m just so afraid of screwing it up and having to mess with my look just to hide a bad haircut.

Ya’ll can see a photo of me on my profile; what do you think? HELP!


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