Total Immersion

My reaction after reading a REALLY good book:

“You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love…I love…I love you!”

Ah, I have not felt that way in a long time about any books I have read, but the one I just finished reading…

It has been a good many years since a book has made me gasp with terror or horror at the death (albeit perceived) of a beloved character; caused me to expel great peals of laughter upon reading of the humorous actions and words of an equally ridiculously humorous character; compelled a broad grin to spread across my face until my cheeks hurt; and caused the words on the page to blur as my eyes, swimming in a pool of moisture, shed tears that fall silently upon my cheeks due to the heartbreaking departure of a character I have come to know as a dear friend.

How can any other book compare to compositions such as these? How can those “twi-hards”, in their ridiculous loyalty to the mediocre writing of She Who Shall Not Be Named, ignorantly compare their Mistress’ child-like scribblings to such great works as penned by Bronte, Austen, Tolkien, and all of the Greats?

In the book I just finished, I saw the story played before my very eyes as clearly as if they had been portrayed on the screen of a theater. No, more than that: I felt what they felt, dreamed what they dreamed, and felt their dread to my very bones, just as they did. Let the twi-hards just TRY to claim such passion in Her writing.

I could hardly eat; I barely slept during my immersion in the adventure I felt that I was partaking of. It was one of those “Can’t-put-it-down-even-if-your-eyes-fall-out-of-their-sockets-from-exhaustion” types of books, and those are the best kind. 😉

I’m sorry about this rant; I just really REALLY enjoyed this book. Can you tell it has rubbed off onto my writing?

PS – The aforementioned novel was Clockwork Princess. Enjoy!


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